How does the technology work?

AlohaSafe Alert uses the GAEN protocol, which is based on low-energy Bluetooth technology.  Devices running the AlohaSafe Alert app “ping” each other, measuring the strength of Bluetooth signal, distance of each device and the duration of interaction.  If an individual has tested positive, other devices that meet criteria for an “exposure” will receive a notification that the app user may have been exposed to COVID-19,  and will be directed to additional information and resources.

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1. What is the AlohaSafe Alert app?
2. Why does Maui County require all arrivals to download and activate this app?
3. How does it work?
4. Is it effective?
5. Is the AlohaSafe Alert app private?
6. How does the technology work?
7. Is anyone profiting from this?
8. Which mobile phones can support the AlohaSafe Alert?
9. How do I update my mobile mobile phone to download the app?
10. If I don’t want to download this app to my phone, may I still enable GAEN exposure notifications to qualify?
11. My home state has an official GAEN app that I’ve already downloaded. May I use that instead?
12. I’m not so great with technology but I am traveling with family members who have mobile phones, do I still need to download a GAEN app?
13. What if I still can’t install the app or I don’t own a smartphone, or my phone is too old to support this technology?
14. AlohaSafe Alert App QR Code