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Coach Soichi Sakamoto Pool

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Revised Pool Reservations and Guidelines

8 lane 50m Pool w/1m, 3m diving boards. Located next to War Memorial Stadium & Gymnasium, Baldwin High School, our Aquatics office and across from Maui Memorial Hospital. Named for legendary Maui Swim Coach Soichi Sakamoto who developed many Olympic champions in the 30’s & 40’s. “Maui Ditch kids” trained in the Irrigation ditches using repeat & wind-sprint techniques. Coach Sakamoto brought these revolutionary training techniques to the world and are the standard today.

Contact Information

Chief of Aquatics
Marian Feenstray: (808) 270-6134

Aquatics Specialist
Duke Sevilla: (808) 270-6135
Pool Permits
Fran Yamamoto (808) 270-6138

Pool Phone
(808) 270-7394

Maui Pools Information Line
Updated Daily @ 9:00 a.m.
(808) 270-8208