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Lanai Community Center

Admission Fee

Rental Fees for Rental of Facility. Various Fees depending on nature and type of activity.


  1. ADA Accessibility
  2. Community Center
  3. County Offices
  4. Electrical
  5. Meeting Rooms
  6. Parking
  7. Restrooms
  8. Telephones
  9. Water
Contact Information
District Supervisor
Angus Peters III (808) 270-4315

Recreation Leader III
Sean Gordon (808) 270-4314
Recreation Technician I
Norraine Pascua (808) 565-6979

Recreation Assistant II
Jarrod Barfield (808) 565-8395
Overview and parking
Area overview
Additional Information

Provisions Information
Park size 1.1 acres
Park structures 110' x 23' Community Center: 135' x 40' meeting room, 25' x 12' kitchenette, 24' x 8' storage, and indoor stage platforms
Swimming None
Picnic areas 1 uncoverd picnic pavilion with one table
Sports None
Parking 164 marked spaces along Eighth and Seventh Streets and ADA parking behind center
Public Restrooms Inside center
Water 2 hose taps outside Community Center
ADA Accessibility Restrooms
Electrical 110 volt outlets are available inside and outside Community Center
Offices Council, County of Maui Immigrant Services
Telephones 1 pay phone located on Seventh St.
Emergency Maui Police Department: 9-1-1