Is Maui County's drinking water really safe?
Yes. Maui water meets or is better than all standards set by the federal and state governments. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Hawaii State Department of Health require the Department of Water Supply to test the water regularly to make sure it's safe. Take a look at our Water Quality Reports. They tell you about the source of your water, show any detected contaminants or elements in the water and ensure you that your drinking water meets all safe drinking water standards. To ensure that your tap water is safe to drink, the EPA sets maximum limits on the amount of certain contaminants in public water systems. If you are concerned about your water quality, you may request more information or a water quality test. Just give the DWS Laboratory a call at 270-7550.DWS Water Quality Reports

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11. Is Maui County's drinking water really safe?
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