Motor Oil Recycling Program & Guidelines

Program Description

The State Department of Health estimates that approximately 1.08 million gallons of used motor oil are produced annually by the "Do-It-Yourself Home Mechanic" in the State of Hawaii. The Used Oil Recovery Program, which began on Maui in 1991, helps facilitate the collection and recycling of this oil. Residents can drop off their used oil at no charge at participating businesses.


  • Home mechanics only, no commercial oil.
  • Clean motor oil from cars and trucks only - up to two gallons in a clean container. No bleach bottles!
  • No oil "contaminated" with water or other auto fluids. For "contaminated" oil, call (808) 270-7880 for instructions.
  • Drain oil filters overnight before disposing of the filter.
  • Please sign in at the recycle location.
  • It is against the law to leave oil at a site when it is closed, HRS 342J-9. Please kokua!