District Court Restraining Orders

District Court restraining orders are considered civil matters for non-intra familial cases. Applications are obtained at the District Court Clerk's Office. Call (808) 244-2838 for the appropriate location according to your place of residence.

On the application, you must document the reasons for requesting the restraining order. Documentation should include:
  • Specific incidents such as harassment and telephone calls
  • Emotional distress caused

The District Court Clerk will transmit the written documentation for a judge's approval and signature.
There is a $25 fee for filing the document. Additional charges include the service fee of $15 per respondent plus mileage.

You will receive one copy and the respondent (the person restrained) will receive one. Be sure to always have your temporary restraining order in your immediate possession.

A court date will be set within 15 days, at which time both you and the respondent must be present. The judge will then decide if revisions are needed. The order can be in effect for six months to three years.