Road Closure Notifications

  1. County of Maui closing Hana Highway at Alelele Point near Kipahulu due to safety issues

    The County of Maui has closed Hana Highway from Alelele Bridge to Lelekea Bridge near Kipahulu in East Maui, beginning May 10. Motorists will not be able to travel between Hana and Kaupo areas during the closure, which may extend up to a month. Read on...
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Emergency Road Closures

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The Maui Police Department, in cooperation with the County of Maui ITS Division, is providing road closure notifications via Email and SMS. Our purpose is to provide the general public, media, and our visitor industry - especially its security divisions - with the most up-to-the-minute information on road closures or hazards so that all are aware of potential delays, hazards or traffic problems that may delay or deter transit plans.

Road Closure Notifications
are intended for unplanned closures of major roadways by the Maui Police Department; where safe, alternate routes are available to be used. **County of Maui road construction closures and slow-downs are usually not listed.**

Emergency Road Closure Notifications are intended for emergency closures of major roadways by the Maui Police Department; where safe, alternate routes are not available, or precautions are necessary to ensure public safety.

Both notification services are available by subscription and we encourage everyone for whom this information is important to subscribe to this free county service below.

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State of Hawaii road construction project closure information may be found at the State DOT website.

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Road closure notifications will allow you to better plan your travel on Maui in the event of a road closure or restriction. By making this information available, we hope to keep our residents and visitors apprised of road closures so they can plan their travel accordingly.