Invasive Species Projects

Invasive species pose a serious threat to our eco systems and economy. They can out compete and replace native species and cause major damage to industries such as fishing costing business thousands if not millions of dollars.

Roi Roundup
The Roi Round-up was initiated in 2008 by the Mayor's Environmental Coordinator, Maui Sporting Goods, and local fisherman, Darrell Tanaka. The concept of an invasive species spearfishing tournament was born out of a desire to control three types of fish that were introduced to Hawaiian waters in the 1950's: Roi, to‘au, and ta‘ape. These fish are highly prolific and compete with native marine species for habitat and food resources. The roi in particular, is a voracious predator, consuming an average of 146 fish per year.

More than 200 local divers from across the state have participated in the Roi Round-up. Collectively, they have helped to save more than 100,000 native fish from being consumed by roi this year. Tri-Isle RC&D joined the trio in 2009 as its newest partner. More than 100 local businesses support the Roi Round-up through donations and in-kind support.

Fire Ants
This is a new pest that everyone should know about. For those who work in the field a lot, you'll want to be aware of these ants because not only do they live in the ground, they also live in trees where they readily fall onto people and sting them. They really like coconut and banana trees, but will live in other types of trees as well.

With early detection and rapid response, we may be able to avoid a population explosion that is plaguing the Big Island. They are having a hard time finding workers to trim coconut trees, pick fruit, etc. They had to evacuate a classroom of elementary school children because the Little Fire Ants got into the carpet and began stinging the children under their clothing.

Please share the attached information with your networks and encourage them to report any suspected sightings of LFA right away to the Department of Agriculture at 873-3962. More information about fire ants.

A Fire Ant Bus Poster is being placed on all Maui busses to increase awareness and reporting of Little Fire Ants.

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