Community Plans


Community plan text and land use matrices adopted by the Maui County Council. Text includes
  • Goals
  • Objectives
  • Policies
  • Implementing actions for each district
Matrices include revised land use designations. These documents are provided as a public service and are not the official published community plans. Copies of official community plans may be obtained from the Department of Planning.

Community Plan Updates

As a requirement of Maui County Code 2.80B, the Community Plans will be updated every 10 years. Following the approval of the Countywide Policy Plan, the process to update the Community Plans began in 2010. The Molokai Island Community Plan was adopted by the Maui County Council on December 17, 2018.  The Lana`i Plan was adopted by the Maui County Council on July  26, 2016.  The West Maui Community Plan Update is underway, with a draft anticipated to be released spring 2019.

We Are Maui

We Are Maui represents the inclusive and collaborative process to update the Maui Island community plans.  West Maui is the first area of the island to have its community plan updated since the Maui Island Plan’s 2012 adoption the updated West Maui Community Plan was adopted in Ordinance 5334 in 2021. Planners are now in the process of updating the South Maui Community Plan. Find out how you can get involved at