Where does Maui County recycling go?

Thermometer Dec 2022

When you recycle, valuable resources are kept out of the landfill and made into new products. To make this process cost effective, Maui County Recycling Centers only collect high-value materials accepted on the global commodity market. Therefore, it is important to only put recyclable items in the collection bins. When you “wishcycle” or try to recycle items that are not accepted, those items need to be sorted out. It’s more important than ever to stick to the list, keep it clean, and reduce waste whenever possible.

To learn what can be recycled and the locations of County Recycling Centers, please click the link below
Once collected, all recyclables are hauled to the MRF—or Material Recovery Facility—in Kahului, Maui to be sorted and baled. Due to limited infrastructure, most materials are shipped off-island for remanufacturing. 

As of December 2022, Maui County collected and shipped the following types and amounts.
Recyclable material
Amount (tons)
Cardboard1,502Newport CH International, LLC  (Shanghai, China)
Green Hills International, LLC (Kaohsiung, China)
Glass765Strategic Materials, Inc. (Oakland, California)
Aluminum & bi-metal cans71Newport CH International, LLC (Shanghai, China & Busan, Korea)
Plastic (#1 & #2 bottles)163Newport CH International, LLC (Shanghai, China)
Newspaper70Newport CH International, LLC (Shanghai, China)
Green Hills International, LLC (Kaohsiung, China)