The Recycling Section focuses on a range of landfill diversion and Zero Waste services and programming such as Recycling Drop Box Centers, Plastic Free Maui County, BYO Bag, HI5 for redeemable beverage containers and the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.

The section also runs the Recycling Grants Program. Since 1990, hundreds of local organizations have received funding and other resources to help achieve Maui County’s waste reduction and landfill diversion goals.

News & Events

Lanai Metals & Electronics Recycling Event Scheduled for October 1, 2022

Disposable Body Board Ban effective August 9, 2022
A new law banning the sale, rental, and distribution of polystyrene bodyboards goes into effect on August 9, 2022.

Where Does My Recycling Go?   FY23 July Counter               When you recycle, valuable resources are kept out of the landfill and made into new products. To make this process cost effective, Maui County Recycling Centers only collect high-value materials accepted on the global commodity market. 

Recycling Grant Program FY2023

  1. Recycling Grant Application: Round 1 is to provide an overview of the proposed project and applicants’ contact information. The Grants Review Committee (GRC) will score Round 1 applications according to the evaluation criteria located on page 3 of the Round 1 application.
  2. Recycling Grant Application: Round 2 is for applicants whose Round 1 scores are highest. The GRC will score Round 2 applications according to the evaluation criteria located on page 4 of the Round 2 application.

Res Recycling Guide A- Z

COM Recycling Guide A-Z
  1. Recycling Section

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    Recycle Hotline: (808) 270-7880 
    Moloka`i: (800) 272-0117 ext.7880 
    Lana`i: (800) 272-0125 ext.7880