Notice of Awards

Awards made in the amount of $25,000 and more will be posted here for a minimum of five working days (103D-701 HRS).

Title/Description Bid Number Notice of Award
FD of One (1) 4x2, 2-Door Extended Cab Compact Pickup Truck with Tool Box
& Pipe Rack
IFB 21-22/P-60 TBD
FD of Two (2) 4x4 1-Ton Crew Cab Trucks & Chassis with Platform Body
& Lift-Gate (REBID)
IFB 21-22/P-4A (REBID) Award-IFB21-22/P-4A (REBID)
FD of One (1) Precision Engine Lathe IFB 21-22/P-57 No Bids Received
Furnishing & Delivery of One (1) Pool Heater for the Molokai Aquatics Facility IFB 21-22/P-63 TBD
FD of Two (2) Fiberglass Lifeguard Towers: One (1) 5' Tall, One (1) 6' Tall IFB 21-22/P/64 NO BIDS
Old Hana School Improvements - Phase 2 IFB Job No. P19/003 Award-P19/003
National Register of Historic Places Nomination & Historic Structures
Report for Saint Joseph Mission
RFP 21-22/P-62 TBD
Emergency Operations Recovery-Related Functional Annexes Revision RFP 21-22/P-59 TBD
Central Maui District Resurfacing (FY2021) IFB Job No. 21-02 Award-21-02
Upcountry District Resurfacing (FY2021) IFB Job No. 21-25 Award-21-25
West Maui Recycled Water Expansion - Phase 2 IFB Job No. WW14-09 TBD
Paia-Haiku District Resurfacing (FY2021) IFB Job No. 21-38 Award-21-38
County Courthouse Basement Renovation IFB Job No. 21-19 TBD
Molokai District Station Roof Repairs IFB 21-22/P-51 Award-IFB21-22/P-51
Central Maui Landfill Entrance Facility Improvements IFB Job No. 21-22/P-24 Award-IFB21-22/P-24
Maui County Bus Stops Phase 7 IFB Project No. Q-TR-20-01 Award-IFB Project No. Q-TR-20-01
FD of One (1) 4x4 3/4 Ton Crew Cap Pickup IFB 21-22/P-58 TBD
Waipuilani Beach Parking Lot Improvements IFB Job No. P21/009 Award-P21/009
Speed Tables - Humps at Various Locations (FY2021) IFB Job No. 21-01 TBD
North Shore Greenway Fencing Improvements IFB Job No. 21-43 Canceled
Congressionally Directed Spending / Community Projects Funding Program RFP 21-22/P-52 Award-RFP21-22/P-52
Maui County Service Center Entry Canopy IFB Job No. M-2106 Award-IFB Job No. M-2106
FD of Two (2) Rescue Watercraft (Re-Bid) IFB 21-22/P-48A Award-IFB21-22/P-48A
Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens Hawaiian Hale (REBID) IFB Job No. P19/035 Rebid Canceled
Waiehu Heights Drainline Replacement - Phase 3 IFB Job No. 21-46 Award-IFB Job No. 21-46
Iron Maehara Stadium Improvements IFB Job No. P16/026 Award-P16/026
Kihei WWRF Effluent Pump Station Renovatoin IFB Job No. WW19-11 Award-WW19-11
FD of Three (3) or More 4x4 Unmarked SUVs IFB 21-22/P-54 Award-IFB21-22/P-54
FD of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) IFB 21-22/P-50 Award-IFB21-22/P-50
FD of One (1) 4x4 19,500LB GVWR Crew Cab Truck & Chassis with Platform & Dump Body IFB 21-22/P-9 TBD
Children's Justice Center of Maui IFB Job No. M21-01 Award-IFB Job No.M21-01
County of Maui 7% Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan - Online Outreach RFP 21-22/P-47 TBD
FD of Nine (9) or More New Unmarked 4-Door Sedans IFB 21-22/P-46 Award-IFB 21-22/P-46
FD of One (1) Portable Compressor IFB 21-22/P-43 Award-IFB-21-22/P-43
FD of Two (2) New Two-Wheeled Police Motorcycles IFB 21-22/P-53 Award-IFB21-22/P-53
FD of One (1) 4x4 Crew Cab Pickup IFB 21-22/P-44 Award-IFB21-22/P-44
Kihei Fire Station Interior & Exterior Painting IFB 21-22/P-41 Award-IFB21-22/P-41
FD of Two (2) Side x Side UTVs IFB 21-22/P-49 Award-IFB21-22/P-49
Kalana O Maui Condenser Pipe Replacement IFB Job No. 21-17 Award-21-17
Molokai Landfill Phase 5 Disposal Cell & Related Improvements IFB 21-22/P-22 Award-IFB21-22/P-22
Kihei WWRF Pond Liner Rehabilitation IFB Job No. WW20-01 Award-IFB Job No. WW20-01
Furnishing & Delivery of One (1) 4x4 Three-Quarter Ton Pickup Truck with Fiberglass Utility Body, Liftgate, Tow Hitch and Utility Rack IFB 21-22/P-40 Award-IFB-21-22/P-40
Five (5)4x2, 4-Door Crew Cab, Long Bed, Compact Pickup Truck with Aluminum Liftgate IFB 21-22/P-39 Award-IFB21-22/P-39
West Maui Transit Oriented Development Corridor Master Plan RFP 21-22/P-27 Award-RFP21-22/P-27
Onehee Avenue Roadway Improvements IFB STP-3960(001) STP-3960(001)
Two (2) 1,500 GPM Pumpers for Lanai and Kula Fire Stations IFB 21-22/P-38 Award-IFB21-22/P-38
Kalana O Maui Facade Repair Project IFB Job No. 21-16 Award-21-16
FD of Two (2) Half-Ton Pickup Trucks IFB 21-22/P-3 Award-IFB21-22/P-3
Strategic Communications Campaign RFP 21-22/P-37 Award-RFP21-22/P-37
Kuau No. 2 Force Main Replacement IFB Job No. WW19-08 Award-WW19-08
Kuau No. 1 Force Main Replacement IFB Job No. WW19-09 Award-WW19-09
FDI of Diesel & Unleaded Fuel Tanks IFB 21-22/P-1 Award-IFB21-22/P-1
COVID-19 Community Based Testing Program RFP 21-22/P-36 Award-RFP21-22/P-36
Kihei No. 8 Force Main Replacement IFB Job No. WW19-05 Award-WW19-05
Kihei No. 7 Force Main Replacement IFB Job No. WW19-04 Award-WW19-04
Ho'olehua Fire Station Renovation/Addition IFB 21-22/P-32 Award-IFB21-22/P-32
Vehicle Fleet Tracking System RFP 21-22/P-29 Award-RFP21-22/P-29
Paia Clean & Safe Program Development RFP 21-22/P-28 Award-RFP21-22/P-28
One (1) 4x4 Flat Stack Body Dump Truck IFB 21-22/P-25 Award-IFB21-22/P-25
Air Conditioning and Water Treatment Maintenance Services IFB 21-22/P-33 Award-IFB21-22/P-33
COVID-19 Antigen Tests (Self-Test) IFB 21-22/P-34 Award-IFB21-22/P-34
Furnishing and Delivery of One (1) 4x4 SUV for the Fire Prevention Bureau IFB 21-22/P-30 Award-IFB21-22/P-30
Technical Assistance to The County of Maui for The Home Investment
Partnership Program & The National Housing Trust Fund Program
RFP 21-22/P-21 Award-RFP21-22/P-21
Body Transport Services for the Maui Police Department RFP 21-22/P-26 Award-RFP21-22/P-26
On-Call Litter Collection Service IFB 21-22 P-31 Award-IFB21-22/P-31
Mill Street Pavement Reconstruction North Market St to Lower Main St IFB Project No. STP-3840(001) Award-STP-3840-001
System Integration Work for Lahaina WWRF RTU Upgrade IFB Job No. WW18-17 Award-WW18-17
Electrical Work for Lahaina WWRF RTU Upgrade IFB Job No. WW18-16 Award-WW18-16
Technical Assistance for 5 year Consolidated Plan, Annual
Action Plan, Caper, and AFFH Certifications
RFP 21-22/P-2 Award-RFP21-22/P-2
Air Conditioning Maintenance for MPD Kihei Station IFB 21-22/P-19 Award-IFB21-22/P-19
West Maui District Resurfacing (FY2021) Job No. 21-13 Award-Job No. 21-13
South Maui District Resurfacing (FY2021) Job No. 21-26 Award-Job No. 21-26
Wailuku WWPS Electrical Upgrade WW18-08 Award-WW18-08
Kihei WWRF Plant Lift Station No. 2 Renovation Project WW20-05 Award-WW20-05
South Kihei Road Pavement Rehabilitation STP-3100(016) Award-STP-3100(016)
Hana Park Basketball & Tennis Courts Reconstruction - Phase 2 Job No. P19/016 Award-P19-016