Maka'ala Everbridge Update & Mobile App

Everbridge Mobile App

Information: We recommend that subscribers download and install the Everbridge Mobile App, available for Android and Apple devices. The App will provide an alternative method for receiving alerts and information from Maui County.

Directions for Changing Weather Notification Options on the Maka’ala - Maui County’s Emergency Alert System:

  • Utilize the following link to access the sign-in for the Maka’ala system. 
    • Member Login:  Log in utilizing your username and password, or reset if forgotten.
  • Ensure your profile information and contact information in the My Profile section are current and correct.
    • Select save
  • Update your location information in the My Locations section and add any additional locations within Maui County that you wish to receive automated weather alerts for.
    • You can input up to five separate locations.
    • Select Save
  • Update any additional information in the My Information section.
    • Volunteer, access and functional need, and business information is selected here.
    • Select Save
  • Select the My Subscription section to select the automated weather alerts you wish to receive.
    • Select the “Weather Alerts” button and then click the arrow on the left to open the weather alert options.
    • You will notice five weather alert topics, select the arrow on the left of each alert topic to revel the alerts that you can select from.
      • Watch” is the lowest level of alert, “Advisory” is next, and “Warning” is the highest level of alert.
      • We recommend at least the selection of the “warning level” for each weather alert, as this means that an event is occurring and action is required on your part to ensure your safety.
  • After making your weather alert sections, select the “Emergency Management” button.
    • Here you will deselect the “Advisory/Watch Level Alerts” button and the “Warning Level Alerts” button.
    • These sections will no longer be utilized after July 31, 2020, as the selections made previously under “Weather Alerts” will determine the automated weather alerts you will receive.
    • We recommend leaving the “Other Notifications” and Maui District Health Office” buttons selected, as these selections will still be utilized in the future as needed.
    • Select Save

Quiet Time Option

You may have also noticed the “Quiet Time” option under the “My Profile” section. By selecting the “plus sign” button to the right of each contact method you can now select a time frame in which you do not want to receive alerts, such as 12 am to 5 am, so as not to receive those pesky 3 am high surf advisories. 

  • Select the “plus sign” to the right of the contact method
    • Select the days and time for each contact method that you want quiet time set for and select.
    • Select save
    • You must do this for each contact method that you wish to set a “quiet time” for.

The Maui Emergency Management Agency will be able to override the “quiet time” selections in the event of a warning level alert or event that may adversely affect your family’s safety. The lower level alerts will be delivered at the end of the chosen quiet time, as well as be available at any time on the Member Portal, and the Everbridge App if selected as a delivery method.

These system enhancements will aid the Maui Emergency Management Agency in providing you the information you need in a timely and efficient manner, to better assist you in preparing for and taking action to ensure you and your family’s safety.