Keanae Road Safety Improvements

Project Name

Keanae Road Safety Improvements
Job No. 16-21

Scope of Work

The project involves rockfall mitigation above Keanae Road and roadway improvements on Keanae Road from Hana Highway down to the shoreline. The rockfall mitigation scope of work includes rock slope scaling, rock bolts, concrete barrier, rockfall fencing, rockfall netting, and associated work. The roadway improvements scope of work includes pavement reconstruction, pavement resurfacing, regarding, metal guardrail, relocation of standpipe, pavement striping and markers, roadside signs, and associated work.
(Project Map)


NTP: 05/15/2019
Contract Working Days: 180
Completion Date: February, 2020

Streets Involved

Keanae Road (Hana Highway down to the shoreline)


Prometheus Construction
4990 Anita Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Contract Cost


Project Contact

Department of Public Works
200 South High Street Suite 410
Engineering Division
(808) 270-7745