Pavement Rehabilitation of Various S. Maui Roads

Project Name

Pavement Rehabilitation of Various South Maui Roads
FAP No. STP-0900(090)

Scope of Work

The project includes reconstruction and rehabilitation road work for Kulanihakoi Street, East Waipuilani Road, East Lipoa Road and East Welakahao Road. All work is located between South Kihei Road and Piilani Highway. The reconstruction road work will include removal of the existing pavement to subgrade and replacement with new asphalt concrete pavement, hot mix asphalt concrete base course, aggregate base and a reinforcing geogrid. The rehabilitation road work will include cold planing 2.5” of the existing pavement and overlaying with 2.5” new asphalt concrete pavement. Reconstruction work would also consist of replacement of concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters, curb ramps and utility collars; installation of new pavement striping, markers and signs; existing drain lines that will be cured-in-place; and other incidental items.
(Project Map)


NTP: October 15, 2018
Contract Working Days: 120
Estimated Completion Date: April 2019

Streets Involved

Kulanihakoi Street (S. Kihei Road to Piilani Hwy.)
East Waipuilani Road (S. Kihei Road to Piilani Hwy.)
East Lipoa Street (S. Kihei Road to Piilani Hwy.)
East Welakahao Road (S. Kihei Road to Piilani Hwy.)


Hi-Built LLC
72 Ting's Drive 
Wailuku, HI 96793

Contract Cost


Project Contact

SSFM International Inc
82  Pulehu Place Suite 201
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 244-7630

Department of Public Works
200 South High Street Suite 410
Engineering Division
(808) 270-7745

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