Digital Zoning Map Update Project

The Planning Department has an adopted digital zoning map for the island of Maui (Ordinance 5006), and for the island of Lana`i (Ordinance 5113). The digital map for the island of Maui represents the zoning as it exists today and overlays the 2014 Real Property Tax parcel layer. For Lana`i, the zoning overlays the 2019 Real Property Tax parcel layer.

The History of the Digital Zoning Map Update Project (DSSRT)

Since 2005, staff of the Maui County Planning Department worked on this project, affectionately known as “DSSRT”, an acronym for the Dead Sea Scroll Replacement Team, to replace the County’s official paper zoning maps with digital or electronic versions.  Along with the goal of replacing the County’s prized but very old, tattered and outdated “Dead Sea Scrolls” paper zoning maps with accurate, up-to-date GIS data layers, other goals included researching and verifying zoning for thousands of parcels; correcting inadvertent mapping errors, inconsistencies and alignment issues; updating parcel zoning with zoning districts that have standards; and creating a single zoning map for the island.  All corrections made to the adopted digital map required consistency with each parcel's Community Plan designation.

Maui and Lana’i

Maui:  In 2017, the Department held four public informational meetings on Maui for the Maui Digital Zoning map.  There was unanimous support for the map and Title 19 bills by the planning commissions and County Council’s Planning Committee. The bills were unanimously supported and adopted by the Maui County Council and became law on October 10, 2018 (Ordinance 4883).

Due to the complexity of using a number of old zoning maps, comprehensive zoning ordinances, individual changes in zoning, and the poor quality and lack of technical mapping and GIS tools in the past, the Planning Department expressed at the time of the digital zoning maps’ initial adoption that further errors and corrections would be discovered and maps would be continually refined.  An amended Maui Digital Map (2) was adopted by the Maui County Council and became law on  November 13, 2019. As mapping errors are discovered, the Department will continue to request Maui County Council’s adoption of corrected/updated digital maps.The Department is currently recommending two corrections to Maui Digital Zoning Map (2).  A public hearing before the Maui Planning Commission was held on August 10, 2021, and the Commission unanimously supported the two corrections. The draft Maui Digital Zoning Map (3) can be reviewed here.

The Department will be proposing amendments to the Maui digital zoning map for approximately 12 public facility sites that are currently zoned P-1, M-1, PK, R-2 and R-3.  These properties would be more appropriately zoned Public/Quasi Public P-2 due to the public uses and structures existing on the properties and their community plan designation of Public/Quasi-Public.   The draft Maui Digital Zoning Map (4) map can be viewed here.  A public hearing before the Maui Planning Commission is scheduled for October 12, 2021.

Lana`i:  On December 3, 2019, the Department held a public informational meeting on Lana`i for the Lana`i Digital Zoning map.  Once again, there was unanimous support for the map and it was adopted by the Maui County Council and became law on August 31, 2020.


The Department is moving forward with the adoption of a digital map for the island of Moloka’i.  A public meeting was held on April 27, 2021 on the draft Moloka`i digital zoning map and bill for ordinance.

A public hearing for the draft map was held before the Moloka`i Planning Commission on May 26, 2021. The Commission supported the adoption of the Moloka`i Digital Zoning Map (1), with one exception to a correction proposed by the Department.  The draft map (1) has been forwarded to the Maui County Council for their review and approval. 

Links to More Information

Click here to view the Maui Island Digital Zoning Map 2 or the Lanai Island Digital Zoning Map 1

GIS users can download the Shapefile from the Hawaii Statewide GIS Program for Maui County here.

The Maui Real Property Tax website also includes the Island of Maui Zoning layer on parcel maps, with a color-coded legend indicating the zoning of the parcel.

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