Maui Redevelopment Agency


The Maui Redevelopment Agency, also known as the MRA, reviews applications for new development and renovation projects in the Wailuku Redevelopment Area as authorized by Section 53-5 of the Hawai'i Revised Statutes pertaining to the Urban Renewal Law.

The Wailuku Redevelopment Area covers approximately 68 acres and includes the business blocks from Central Avenue to High Street, and Wells Street to Vineyard Street. The redevelopment area extends the length of Market Street from Wells through Happy Valley to where Kahekili Highway begins. The MRA also advises the Planning Department, Mayor and the County Council on matters pertaining to the Wailuku Redevelopment Area, such as the Iao Theater Restoration Project and plans for the redevelopment of the Wailuku municipal parking lot.


Over the course of FY15, the MRA had several accomplishments. The Agency provided testimony that led to the County Council exempting the Redevelopment Area from the Workforce Housing Ordinance. The MRA funded a branding effort that developed a new logo, on-street banners and a Wailuku Town website. The MRA has made amendments to the Zoning and Development Code to make it easier for the dining and entertainment uses to open their doors in Wailuku Town. The design for the Iao Square public plaza and parking area was finalized this year and currently being bid for construction.

Recent agenda items include updates to the Wailuku Redevelopment Area Zoning and Development Code; the Mayor’s FY 2016 Budget and the Wailuku Redevelopment Area Projects reviewed for discussion and strategies for support; working in partnership with MPD’s Community Policing and Crisis Intervention teams to improve the cleanliness and safety of Wailuku town; and the anticipated schedule and draft plans for Public Work’s resurfacing and re-striping of the Wailuku Municipal Parking Lot.

Agendas & Minutes

View available agendas and minutes for the Maui Redevelopment Agency meetings.


The MRA consists of five commissioners, who shall have resided in the County for at least three years immediately preceding their appointment. All members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the County Council. 

  • Jo-Ann Ridao - Vice-Chair (Wailuku) 03/31/2024
  • George Kaho'ohanohano (Pukalani) 03/31/2025
  • Patrick Ihu (Wailuku) 03/31/2027
  •  Vacant 03/31/2026
  • Vacant 03/31/2028

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