County Charter

The County Charter establishes the structure and organization of the government of the County of Maui. It is a constitutional document which defines the responsibilities of our local government including the following areas:

  • Incorporation and Geographical Limits
  • Powers of the County
  • County Council
  • Ordinances and Resolutions
  • County Clerk
  • Executive Branch
  • Office of the Mayor
  • County Departments
  • Financial Procedures
  • Code of Ethics
  • Initiative
  • Recall
  • General Provisions
  • Charter Amendment
  • Transitional Provisions

At intervals of ten (10) years, the Mayor, with the approval of Council, shall appoint a Charter Commission composed of eleven members to study and review the operation of the government of the County under such amendments or new Charter and to propose amendments or to draft a new Charter in the manner set forth in Section 14-3 of the Charter of the County of Maui (2015).

Charter of the County of Maui (2021)