Office of Climate Change, Resiliency and Sustainability (CCRS)

The Office of Climate Change, Resiliency, and Sustainability (CCRS) works to support a sustainable, equitable, climate-safe future for Maui Nui by providing access to information and resources while advocating for our community's most critical environmental concerns. CCRS focuses primarily on climate mitigation, decarbonization, and adaptation; within that, the Office focuses on initiatives related to environmental protection, energy and clean transportation, green buildings, and resilient housing.
Resilient Maui Nui

The County of Maui is excited about the launch of its online Climate Action Through Engagement (ClimATE) hub! This website serves as the County of Maui's primary online hub for information and resources on climate action and resiliency. It addresses how the County of Maui is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the projected impacts of climate change (such as sea-level rise and hazardous weather events), and strengthen community resiliency to ensure an equitable and sustainable future for current and future generations.

Grant Applications

CCRS is now accepting grant applications for FY23! For more information, please visit