Board of Variances and Appeals Applications

Variances provide relief from the strict application of any zoning, subdivision or building ordinances. Appeals provide relief from alleged error by any department charged with the enforcement of zoning, subdivision or building ordinances.

How To Apply:
Completed variance or appeal applications shall be submitted to the Department of Planning.

Approving Agencies:
Variances and appeals are processed through the Department of Planning, Zoning Administration and Enforcement Division, on behalf of the Board of Variances and Appeals.

Processing Time:
  • Variances - Approximately 3-6 months
  • Appeals
    • Notices of Violation - Approximately 2-3 months
    • Department Decisions - Approximately 6-12 months
Duration of Approval:
Variance and appeal durations are at the discretion of the Board of Variances and Appeals. Typically, variances and appeals are land based approvals and do not expire, i.e., they "run with the land" and are recorded with the Bureau of Conveyances.

A processing fee in the amount set forth in Fee Schedule, Table A, payable to "County of Maui, Director of Finance".

No processing fee shall be required for applications filed by county agencies.

The processing fee for appeals shall be refunded to the appellant if and only if the Board of Variances and Appeals renders a final decision and order in favor of the appellant.

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