Wastewater Hauler Permit


All liquid waste haulers who discharge wastewater into the County of Maui's wastewater collection or treatment facilities are required to obtain a Wastewater Hauler permit. This type of permit is described in the Maui County Code, Chapter 14.21A.105.

How To Apply:

Wastewater Hauler Permit applications are available online and at the Wastewater Reclamation Division Office.

Approving Agencies:

The Department of Environmental Management Wastewater Reclamation Division is authorized to process all Wastewater Hauler applications and issue resulting permits.

Processing Time:

Permits are normally completed within a week provided all required information is included in the application.

Duration of Approval:

A Wastewater Hauler permit shall be valid for a period of one year. The permit indicates an expiration date and is non-transferrable. Wastewater Hauler permits expire at eleven fifty-nine p.m., on the specified date.


Fees are set forth in the annual County budget. The current fees are as follows:
  • Initial application fee for a first time permit is $10 for waste haulers
  • A $60 fee is applicable for a new permit issuance
  • Permit renewals are $60
  • Decal fee is $5 per vehicle
  • Replacement decal is $15 per vehicle
  • Septage receiving station entry card is $25 per vehicle
  • Entry card replacement is $50 per vehicle

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Checks are made payable to "County of Maui, Director of Finance".

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Maui County Code, Chapter 14.21A GENERAL PRETREATMENT REGULATIONS, details the requirements of the permit, current discharge standards and provisions for permit issuance, monitoring, violation penalties, etc..

Contact Information:

Any questions can be directed to
Mr. Sonny Huh, Pretreatment Coordinator
2200 Main Street, Suite 610
Wailuku, HI 96793