Driveway Permit


A Driveway permit is required to construct, reconstruct, remove or repair any driveway on a County roadway.

How To Apply:

Complete the Driveway Permit Application and submit it to the Public Works, Development Services Administration Division, along with construction plans.

Approving Agencies:

Department of Public Works, Development Services Division.

Processing Time:

One week for standard applications. One to two months for applications requiring the processing of Hold Harmless Agreement for inadequate sight distance.

Duration of Approval:

Sixty (60) days or as long as associated building permit is valid.


The filing fee is $90 for residential and commercial driveways.

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Contact Information:

Department of Public Works
Development Services Administration
110 Alaihi Street, Suite 214
Kahului, HI 96732
PH:(808) 270-7242
FAX:(808) 270-7972