Department of Management


The managing director plays a major role in the supervision and management of the executive branch of our local government. The managing director functions much like a city or county manager would in other jurisdictions. The Charter spells out the primary functions which are to serve as the mayor's principal management aid, provide supervision and oversight of departments, conduct evaluations of the management and performance of the county's departments, and to develop standards of administrative practice that departments are required to follow. In addition, the Charter places a majority of the annual budget preparation, submission, and oversight into the managing director's overall responsibilities.


Management departmental staff are responsible for the coordination of the following:
  1. County-Wide Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Coordination – Our group works closely with all departments that have capital improvement projects to ensure projects are sensible, realistic, meet the needs of the community, and are coordinated to reduce waste and rework. The Managing Director leads the CIP Coordinating Committee which meets regularly to review approved CIP status, discuss CIP strategy, and review requests for future CIP. 
  2. Special Projects (CIP) Assistance – We provide departments with special construction related services with priority given to those departments that lack internal project management and oversight expertise. In addition, we manage large-scale, cross departmental projects that require focused, high-level direction and management beyond the capabilities of existing departmental resources.  
  3. Information Technology Services - Serves as the central information technology division for the County of Maui agencies and departments. ITSD also provides geospatial and cartographic services to county agencies and departments.
  4. Energy – Long-term, organization-wide, renewable and sustainable energy related planning and programs that encourage the incorporation of technologies that will lessen our dependence on fossil fuels while also decreasing our overall carbon footprint. 

Performance Management

Throughout the year, we work closely with all departments to ensure that they are utilizing best practices in performance management to operate and deliver services to the public as economically and efficiently as possible. The process of performance management involves regular meetings with department leadership to review performance measurements and the decisions that have been made based on the metrics collected. Performance management is an ongoing process that involves analysis and data-driven decision making to focus on the needs of the public.

In July of 2018, we were honored, for a second year in a row, with the prestigious Certificate of Achievement by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). According to the ICMA, "Maui County is among 15 jurisdictions receiving the Certificate of Achievement, and one of 57 recognized overall." Special recognition goes to all those involved in pushing Maui County forward through this arduous but critical process.
ICMA CPM 2017 Achievement Badge
ICMA Center for Performance Management 2018 Achievement Award Badge