Solid Waste Division

COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

When visiting the Solid Waste Division Office please note the following precautionary measures:
  • Face covering and hand sanitization required
  • # of people in the lobby will be limited
  • Six feet physical distancing required
  • All paperwork and checks filled out prior to entry
Please consider paying online.

Refer to the link below for other ways we can assist you remotely.

Email: Solid Waste Division (landfill or refuse account inquiries): 
Billing and Collection phone: 808-270-7720
General Solid Waste Division inquiries: Email: Solid Waste
Refuse Collection Base Yard phone: 808-270-7452
Central Maui Landfill: 808-270-6153
Hana Landfill: 808-264-6313
Molokai Landfill: 808-553-3869
Lanai Landfill: 808-559-0689

Our mission is “To provide Public Health, Safety and Environmental Protection of Maui County’s Air, Land and Water Through Effective and Sustainable Solid Waste Management Practices, Resources and Dedicated Team”.


The Solid Waste Division supports sections including administration, compliance, planning, engineering, fiscal, refuse collections, landfill operations, 95 employees, capital improvement projects and permit reviews. The Division operates 4 county owned landfills, 6 closed landfills, provides residential refuse collection to > 26,700 accounts, 2,600 routes, and completes about 2.5 million picks/yr, manages > 20 permits and related regulatory compliance countywide, landfills 200,000 tons/yr and now processes > 20,000 tons/yr of construction and demolition (C&D) material.

SWD utilizes the following priorities for management of allotted resources:
1st: Safety
    • Employee safety
    • Public and Environmental safety
    • Facility, equipment and infrastructure safety
2nd: Regulatory Compliance/Environmental Protection
  • Meet all state, federal and county regulatory requirements, permits, mandates and procedures.
3rd: Resource Management
  • Meet resource management needs for personnel, budget, equipment and infrastructure to build and maintain reliability, sustainability and efficiency.
4th: Non-Safety, Non-Compliant Related Services/Programs
  • Expansion of services and programs, refuse collections on non-county roads, non-critical programs, beautification, landscaping, etc.

Programs and Services


Online Refuse Payments

See instructions and payment link below.   Please note the vendor charges a 2.35% processing fee, and will be added to your payment transaction.